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Why ZipHub?

ZipHub offers:


Personally selected nonprofit donations. ZipHub donates 10% of all revenues to nonprofit organizations selected by its members. A member simply designates their favorite church, school, or charity, (up to 5) in their Member Portal and 10% of the fees they generate for ZipHub goes to the nonprofits they select.

One-stop shopping convenience. ZipHub provides a central location for all of a member’s needs, from restaurants to electrical providers to gifts, to services and more. A member benefits by initially accessing ZipHub, even when ultimately going to another site. the member saves, earns referral rewards cash for it’s sponsor, and creates charitable contributions.

Savings. ZipHub offers savings on virtually the entire household budget.

Customization. The Member Portal is customizable to show only the items, brands, and companies of particular interest in one or more specified zip codes through Geo-Targeting.

Income through referrals. ZipHub is committed to giving back to the community. Members can earn Referral Rewards Cash, a stream of residual income, by simply referring other members, businesses and nonprofits to the network. Because it is always free to join, and there are never minimum purchase requirements, referring others to ZipHub is easy. By using ZipHub, members “Save, Earn and Give” while doing what they normally do. See Become A Sponsor, at the bottom of our website, for more information.


Cost-effective target marketing. ZipHub provides a localized, affordable advertising network to its business members with first of its kind, GUARANTEED RESULTS. With the benefits to its members stated above, ZipHub’s network will continue to grow, enhancing the benefits to its business members and advertisers.

Enhanced profits. ZipHub’s highly competitive rates and guaranteed results empower business members to grow profits by increasing sales and decreasing advertising costs. Optimizing space, service and/or inventory utilization, through the Business Portal, businesses can load deals in real-time, presenting special offers during times of slow activity and removing them when activity resumes.

Nonprofit Organizations

Donations. ZipHub is committed to giving 10% of all revenues to schools, churches, and other nonprofits. ZipHub encourages its members to participate in its giving program by enabling them to tell ZipHub where to make the donations.e and/or inventor. Donations from revenues resulting from members that do not have a designated charity will default to ZipHub Charities.

Marketing opportunities. ZipHub provides free access to its network for its nonprofit members to advertise events, drives and other activities.

ZipHub Charities. ZipHub has established a 501(c)(3) organization called ZipHub Charities that will dedicate 100% of its resources to serving the local communities in which ZipHub has a presence. ZipHub Charities is committed to helping feed the hungry, helping families in difficult situations as well as partnering with local charities to meet localized needs.

The ZipHub unlimited platform will seamlessly expand into virtually all categories. including B2C and B2B search engines, social media, professional networks, classifieds, news, sports, weather, finance, auctions, real estate, restaurant search and reservations, legal forms, free trial offers, gifts, directories, exclusive flash sales, etc.

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