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France begins voting for president after bitter campaign

French voters go to the polls Sunday after a presidential election campaign that was notable for its volatility and overshadowed in its final days by a terror attack on police in Paris.

Why you should care about the French election

A presidential election in France is not usually the sort of thing that I would tell you to pay attention to. After all, it's hard enough to convince people that they should pay attention to elections in this country.

How will the shooting last week affect the election?

Thursday's terror attack on the Champs-Elysées, in which a policeman was killed and others wounded, just days before the country goes to the polls has brought yet another twist to an increasingly unpredictable election race. CNN's Melissa Bell reports.

Opinion: Win or lose, Marine Le Pen is bad for the EU

France goes to the polls Sunday to vote in the first round of its presidential elections. The campaign has been dogged throughout by scandals, gaffes and surprises.

Scandal and intrigue: Understanding French politics

Falls from grace, sudden departures and unlikely stars; France's presidential election has been packed with dramatic moments and episodes.

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